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“Luxor Group has been quick to identify the new and strong economic growth prospects of St Helens and it has been decisive in investing and participating in it at this early stage. I'm sure that this represents a first step only in what will be an exciting and rewarding cycle of long term investment growth in St Helens which will benefit investors and the town in equal measure. "​

- Eamonn McManus, Chair of St Helens Economy Board

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26th July, 2019
1-2-1 Sessions with Paul Nicholson
Central London, UK

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12th April 2019

Paul Nicholson Spoke at the Property Investor Show at London Excel, boasting his success and knowledge to the hundreds over 2 days. 



What is Nicholson Academy?


This is the ultimate course where I share all my strategies and techniques I have devised over my career from setting out with next to nothing to creating a portfolio of over 200 rental units valued in excess of £22M in 10 years. This course will guide you on the way to financial freedom, true wealth and passive income and the lifestyle you desire.


As part of Team Nico you will get access to our exclusive community to discuss and share our stories and gain direct advice from the team.


You will also gain access to monthly live video Q&A - unlike other mentorship programmes you actually have access to real expert advice.


Because we are actively in the market place and understand the real time issues as partners of the course you will have a tour of our development sites so we can take you through what it takes to put together a development and the matters you need to consider......and what has cost us in the past!


Become the best version of you and contact us to revolutionise your Property career.


What will Nicholson Academy cover?


Well, none of the nonsense that you hear of by some trying to “teach” those looking to enter the Property game. It’s not easy, I know the toll it takes on your life in every way and the sacrifice this journey takes. So I’m not going to tell you it’s all roses and plain sailing it’s not. But, is it worth it? You bet it is! It’s life changing.


It’s also not a motivational course having you clap and dance around the room, you’ll learn real live strategies to achieve your vision.


I don’t believe in rent 2 rent as a strategy to achieve true lasting wealth. There’s passive income true, but long term is a different question and the true wealth lies in ownership. There are no get rich schemes or mis-selling.


The programme will be inter-active and will require you to put in the work. We won’t do it for you, you have to want it.


People keep talking about no money down deals, with no skin in the game, without building equity there is no wealth or future - pie in the sky sales pitch to pull you in. I am someone who has de-risked every Investment I have made using prudent negotiation techniques and funding strategy. We utilise rigorously tested long term strategies and structures, no such vendor finance which limits your exit strategies and in a volatile market could leave you in a precarious position. No one wants to risk what they have built so far in life.


At Nicholson Academy we don’t just point you straight in the direction of bridging finance and JV partnerships giving up a percentage of your hard earned time, time is money.


I’ll also discuss HMOs as a viable strategy. From the passive (tongue in cheek) income to the true equity being built on such projects.


I will cover the type of deals you need to be looking for, how to determine your acquisition figure and the strategies needed to exit that project in the best possible financial position.


I will cover everything to property journey entails, from acquiring to completing the construction process and exiting the deal and the long term management.


Unlike many I’ll also discuss the consequences of expansion and building a portfolio and the need to reinvent your machine time and time again.


But why Nicholson Academy I hear you say?


Well, from someone who started with £17,000 in 2008 and not much knowledge accelerate 10 years I have built a portfolio of 200 rental units with a value in excess of £22M. I have been there and got the battle scars.


If you are going to go on this journey make sure your equipped with the best knowledge and a mentor that wants you to succeed. Someone who knows how hard it is, omeone who knows sometimes you want to quit but can guide you and hold your hand and tell you from experience it will get better.


Is it for everyone?


Absolutely not, and for that reason not everyone will qualify for a place on the academy. If I don’t believe you are cut out for this journey, which may be down to the hard work or simply doesn’t fit your financial and risk profile, unfortunately your admission on the academy won’t be successful.

What’s your why? What’s your vision? Ask yourself these questions before taking another step.


What’s the steps?


We will have an initial 1-2-1 where you’ll set out your vision and what stumbling blocks you have reached or concerns you have. You will be assessed as to whether you require mentorship, you might not need it just pushing in the right direction.


If you fit the bill for mentorship then a tailored programme will be devised specifically for you.


We won’t simply just accept anyone or take people’s money when it’s not necessary. We also won’t leave you out in the cold and take one call and one meeting every quarter. You can trust Nicholson Academy to deliver on our promises.


If you believe you have what it takes, come and join Team Nico and get the success you deserve.



Paul is a prominent leading North West property personality, with one of the largest private property portfolios across Merseyside. Paul’s property portfolio which was established in 2008 is valued in excess of £22,500,000.

He is a highly experienced and trained property professional with 10 years’ experience. Paul has received various accolades throughout his career canvasing much media attention for his visionary schemes and approach to business.

When Paul set out to create a large-scale property portfolio he harnessed his legal knowledge and training undertaking extensive due diligence into several areas before identifying an investment strategy. Luxor uses its local knowledge to transform spaces and create thriving communities.

Paul saw that Liverpool city centre had started to see development levels increase with off-plan investor activity seeing house prices increase and considerable increase in rental levels. Students and young professionals wishing to live in the city centre could no longer afford it but still wished to remain nearby. Kensington was the ideal choice as it is within minutes of the city centre but rents were a lot more affordable.

Using the concept of Urban Sprawl, Paul having a thorough understanding of the market started to build a substantial presence in Kensington offering a unique product; rental accommodation to an extremely high standard at affordable rents. Since its inception Luxor Group’s unique selling point, “Affordable Luxury”, is a motive we still stand by today.

Paul has identified St Helens as a town which he can replicate his successful business model but unlike Kensington is already a thriving economy and desirable location. A town that has not seen large developer presence, which has helped minimise development site prices, but benefits from healthy house prices, with competitive growth and strong rental demand.


The town has an ambitious Council, supporting regeneration and development to create a vibrant appealing town centre. The local community are in support of investment.