In adversity comes opportunity, and Paul had a vision that others didn’t, swimming against the stream finding a glimmer of hope where others see despair.

On 15 September 2008 Lehman Brothers collapsed filing for bankruptcy. This was the start of a deep global recession and a dark period for the economic landscape. Most investors were offloading assets, even at a loss, liquidating whatever they could to weather the storm. Banks were closing on investors and some bank’s found themselves in difficulty, which saw a run on the bank of Northern Rock with deposits being withdrawn.

The property industry was brought to its knees and reached one of its lowest ebbs in history. Just a little over 2 months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, on 28 November 2008, our founder, at the age of 23, acquired his first investment property which he still owns to this day. Since 2010 it is estimated the value of UK housing stock has increased by £1 trillion. Paul has expanded from humble beginnings in 2008 of one house to now spearheading the regeneration of St Helens town centre.


Paul created #TeamNico which consists of more than 35 people in his team and owns over £22,500,000 of real estate, In 2017, Paul’s team completed the £2,300,000 development Nicholson Lofts & the £2,400,000 Nicholson House Development in St Helens making him  the #1 ranked developer in the borough.

Paul and his team specialise in high-end HMO, Student & office-to-residential conversions.

#TeamNico maintains a diverse inventory of exclusive listings and has built relationships with its 200 tenants. Combining these tools with an intimate knowledge of the market, Paul and his team are able to accomplish their goal of matching the right tenant for its developments with remarkable success.

Paul is a frequent guest on the real estate segments of Property TV, Sky & many radio stations, and is often quoted in many press outlets





Paul is an active supporter of non-profit organisations including Teardrops and The Steve Prescott Foundation and has sponsored many events in St Helens such as Pride of St Helens Awards & Westfield Street Music Festival.

He is born and raised in Rainhill, a village in the Liverpool City Region by parents Brian and Pauline, who had the unenvious task of ensuring he and his brother Craig stayed on the right tracks during their adolescent years. Paul graduated from University of Liverpool achieving an 2:1 honours in law and later qualified as a lawyer. He currently lives in Cheshire with his fiancé Kristina who is a vital part of the team.

As a developer Paul is a visionary leader with an affinity for regeneration projects, creating vibrant and attractive homes fulfilling our investment objectives. He recognise the patterns of market cycles and use this to reveal hidden value along with vigorously analysing and stress testing all of hisproposed acquisitions to ensure that each element of his investment criteria is fulfilled, protecting against the down-side to combat any market volatility.


Paul has a strong desire to bring back to life. Unloved buildings, unlocking hidden value and finding beauty where others won’t look. He likes a challenge and invests in its community, being a huge believer in people make places.


When Paul set out to create a large-scale property portfolio he harnessed his legal knowledge and training undertaking extensive due diligence into several areas before identifying an investment strategy. TeamNico uses its local knowledge to transform spaces and create thriving communities.